Welcome to my website... I'm Matthew, an amateur photographer learning new skills within photography by
teaching myself. I enjoy many kinds of photography, My favourite is Macro - although i am still learning with this
one and I do like other sorts of photographs such as Landscape, Motorsport and Flowers & Wildlife I have
created this website to share my photographs with everyone. Matthew J. Watson Photography has been
online since 26th December 2007 and is constantly being updated, so please check back to see the regular
updates to photographs, news & even the way in which the site works/ Enjoy looking through my photographs, Matthew.

Whilst at the summit of a Lake District fell recently i decided to put my new camera to good use and take a series of 34 photographs
to manually stitch together into one huge panormic image! The image is shown at a lower resolution on my site due to load speeds
but it is still rather impressive. Click on the image below to reveal the full sized panormaic Image. Please enjoy viewing it


22 New! Photographs in Gallery, click here to view them.


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