NEW! 27th August 2009
Hello Everyone, i have perfomed a few updates to the site today - keep your eyes peeled for our newest touring diary
entry from our last trip to Scotland. Also keep your eyes peeled for some brand new photographs coming to your
computer screens very soon. I would also like to say a huge thanks to Sean McMahon of for linking
my photography website with his walking website all about the Lake District. Please head over to
for a look. Thanks again, Matthew.


29th July 2009
Hello again readers, Well after working and working and working all of the new features are up!! I have even renewed the
Visitor's Gallery so all of those images are now back on line also. I have also added some new photographs including a new
34 photograph panoramic image that i manually stitched together - enjoy viewing that. Also my touring diary has been updated
with our latest trips including new images from our Travels. There have been a lot of updates to the site today, and im very
pleased with all of the results. Keep your eyes peeled for new photographs and new website features that will be online soon
Thanks again for your time. Regards, Matthew.

10th July 2009
Hello again, Well i decided it was about time a few things got sorted on site and that i got my touring diary updated with our
recent trip and new outfit!! Also i have recently purchased a few items after deciding photography is something that i would
like to continue with - Ive bought myself a new camera body - SONY Alpha
α700 and the matching SONY battery grip. I then
saw a SIGMA 18-50mm lens brand new at such a price that i couldnt refuse so i bought it as a kit lens for the
α700 specifically.
Well thats all for now folks - enjoy the new features & photographs and my new touring diary loggs, speak to you all soon, and as
always please keep checking back to see updates and new photographs put onto my website. Best Regards, Matthew.


9th April 2009

Hello Everyone, After updating my site a few weeks ago with a new layout along with various other items, i wasn't happy so i decided that it needed to be changed again. Recently i have been producing a new layout for the site which looks a lot better and brings some of the old features back to the site to keep it up to date. My touring diary has also been updated with our recent trip and new photographs will be added to the Gallery over the next few days. I have also added a brand new Guestbook feature so that you all can once again leave me your comments about the site, or my photographs. The new Guestbook is different to the older versions on my site, the features are much more enhanced and spam posts should not appear on the comments page anymore either. I hope you like the update, and will continue to keep coming back to view my site. Thanks for reading, Best Regards, Matthew.


22nd March 2009
Hi Everyone, This is my first blog/news entry for this year. Things soldier on which means I haven't spent a lot of time on my website, I have still been taking photographs but until now they haven’t been added. I started to make a new layout from scratch from the site many months ago and it has progressed very slowly at my own pace. Today I finished the layout and decided to make a full site update. Firstly you will notice the site is a lot more "Cleaner" looking and runs smoother. I have had to take the Visitor's Gallery out for now but it may make another appearance in the future. If you donated your photographs to the gallery, many thanks for the time they were online for viewing and watch out for them as a future addition to the site. I also have new bits of photography equipment, of which have allowed me to take some rather different an interesting pictures. I have also been practicing with my editing skills, so you will notice there is now an ‘Edited Photograph’ section on the site also. I hope you like the new look of the full site, thanks for being a part of it. Any questions are comments? Email me at and I will reply to your e-mail. Thanks for reading once again. Regards, Matthew.

27th December 2008

Hi there again everyone, Firstly I would like to say Happy Birthday to my website, as of yesterday 26th December 2008 my website has been live for one year. My website has evolved over that one year period and I would like to thank everyone who has viewed my site and followed its progress. I have taken quite a few new photographs over the past month, so keep your eyes peeled in the Gallery section of the site as they will be appearing soon. I hope that everyone had a very Merry Christmas and I would like to wish you all a Happy New year 2009. Thanks for viewing my website, and always please come back and check mine and my websites progress. Regards, Matthew.

26th October 2008
Hi there again everyone, I can’t believe it’s just over a month since my last blog entry!! Today i have added 90 new images to my photograph galleries and my new comment page has also gone up too. Yesterday saw my new touring diary section of my website being put up and I am pleased to see that it has gone down a treat. We are finished touring until early next year now, but after our next trip my touring pages will be updated. You will see a link to a site called Caravanning4u on my touring diary section, I would seriously recommend the site to anyone who goes caravanning or is considering buying a caravan. There are many friendly members on the site who are waiting ready to help any new members. Now that I have got up to date with my website I will be able to update it more often and keep on top of my new photographs. Please as always keep checking back to see my new photographs and any changes that have been made to my site, thanks for viewing. Regards, Matthew.

23rd September 2008
Hello Again all viewers, the site is finally back up and running it’s taken a while to do as a lot of the website files went corrupt so needed re-making. After re-doing parts here and there around school work among other things the site has been restored to its former glory. The site now has a new layout with a new header; there are a few new photographs on the site however more will be added through the week. I am also in the process of adding a new touring diary to the website, which has details and photographs from the trips that my family and I have taken with our touring caravan. I hope to see many people re-visiting the site frequently to view my new photographs, hope you enjoy the site. Thanks again, Matthew.

14th June 2008

Hello Again, Long time no see, recently I have been very busy and haven’t had any time to give the site an update or two, however a new layout has always been in the pipeline for the site. I have recently had a laptop purchased for me, and whilst swapping everything over, I have put all of the part together and added my new photographs to the pages etc. So here is the new website, with a new layout and over 100 new photographs taken by myself. I have also updated my camera spec list on the information Page, please enjoy looking around my new website, and don’t forget to leave me some feedback on how I’m doing on the comment page, Many Thanks again, Matthew.

31st January 2008
Hello Again, Well in the past few days you will hopefully have noticed a lot of updates on my website including, My Portfolio which now is back and has much more photographs in it. Also you will notice that we have quite a few more visitors’ portfolios than we did before. As I have said before it’s not hard to get your link or anything displayed on my website simply e-mail me on , also sometime in the near future I am hoping to upload a really big new feature which will be trial run and if all goes well then it will stay in place. As I always say please keep checking back and leaving me a comment as I update the site quite often for your viewing. Thanks again. Matthew

28th January 2008
Hello Again, Well today you will hopefully have noticed a very big update. I have added a lot of new photographs of mine into my gallery and included new buttons for the gallery. That has taken me the best part of 3 days to do so I’m glad that’s done but it was worth it in the end in my opinion. I have also added name buttons for the Visitors gallery so that is now easier to use as well. Also as you may have noticed my blog is different as well, if you click on the date buttons at the top it will take you to the entry. All of this was courtesy of my best friend James Tapner; you might have seen some of his photographs in my visitors section. Well that’s all for now everyone, Keep checking back as the website is bound to change more. Thanks again for reading, Matthew.

26th January 2008

I have another entry for today, I forgot to say last time that my new lens (Sigma 75 - 300mm) Had arrived last week, I have put in some practice with it but hope to get out soon and Get Some more photographs taken for everyone to see. Also you will notice that since my last entry the Visitors Gallery has been separated into Photographers and my gallery has been separated into styles of photography. I hope you are enjoying my website, please do keep checking back don’t forget to regularly leave me some comments. If you have any questions about advertising or seeing your pictures or links on my site then don’t hesitate to e-mail me on , Many thanks for reading again.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Hi again, as you can see today I have updated the visitors’ Gallery, there is now photographs in their as I have had Contact from a few people about putting their Lovely Photographs in there. A special thanks To Maureen for sending me some of her truly beautiful shots. Through the day today the site should be getting a few little updates, I am definitely today going to concentrate on Separating my gallery and maybe a few other little things that will make a difference. As I always say please do keep checking back to see what has changed. Thanks Again, Matthew.

18th January 2008
Hello everyone again, well today I have added a bottom Nav-Bar to each page. This is so that when you get to the button of the page you don’t have to scroll all the way back up to the top to go to another page. Also last night I put the links page up and a button on each page to it. Remember if you would like to see your link feature on that page then e-mail me on and we will sort you a link out. Also tonight the visitors’ Gallery will have some pictures in it and I will be separating my gallery into the different types of photography, such as landscape, motorsport etc. Look out for these changed and keep checking back, many thanks again, Matthew.

17th January 2008

I am currently updating the website so if things keep disappearing that’s because of me. I am adding my new style Portfolios with the new visitor’s gallery and of course this new blog feature. You will also notice that the Navbar has changed quite a bit and the buttons are now more separated. The next feature to come to my website is the Links page so if you have a website and would like it linked to my website then don’t hesitate to contact myself on However it is only common courtesy to return the link from your website. Last night my parents bought me a new lens for my Sony A100 DSLR camera it’s a Sigma 75 - 300mm auto focus lens and I am really excited for it arriving when it does and doing a few practice shots. I am hopefully going to be getting out more to add more pictures to my portfolio as the weather gets a bit warmer so I hope you all keep coming back to check how myself and my website are getting on. Thanks for Reading, Best Regards, Matthew.



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