2007 Ford Galaxy 2.0TDCi Ghia
Kelp Mettallic
Full Napoli leather in charcoal
Brink Detachable towbar with 12N & 12S dual electrics
Front & rear flat blade wipers
Chrome numberplate surrounds
Uprated rear Suspension

24,000 - miles
1806kg - kerbweight
1750kg - maxmium towing weight
42mpg - mpg solo (around town - figure is higher on a run)
37mpg- mpg towing (with our 1500kg van on the back)
____ _

We have owned our FordGalaxy for around one and half years now and it still makes
us smile. First of all the looks, its large but quite sporty for a multi-purpose vehicle
(mpv) and is quite stream-lined. The 2.0TDCi engine packs both performance and
economy together and is well matched to the weight of the car. The car has stiff
springs that help reduce body roll in the corners and keep the car driving more like
a hatchpack than an mpv. The seats - seven adult size seats, that are both
comfortable and flexible, each chair moves both forth and back and the back of each
chair tilts until your comfortable. The main advatnage of the MkIII Galaxy's seating is
that all of the seats fold flat when you don't need them, so you can quickly provide a
cavernous area to carry many things, from your family pet - to some flag stones for
the garden! This makes the car very versitile. What do we think of it? We love it and
would consider another one in the future, after owning a few different mpv's - this
has to be the best yet! Well done Ford!!!

Modifications for the future? - I love the S-max
18" Y-spoke alloy wheels too... just not the price!!


2006 Bailey Senator Series 5 Oklahoma
Magnolia paintwork
Cream "Mattisse" Upholstrey
ALKO AKS Stabiliser
Truma SE Motor Mover
Truma Duo-Comfort Automatic Gas Changeover
ALKO-Secure Wheel lock
ALKO Side lift jack
ALKO Pneumatic jockey wheel
Alko Octagon red shock absorbers

1500kg - MTPLM
7' 6" - Width
Series 5 Senator
2006 - Build Year

We have owned our Senator Oklahoma for just over a month now, after
downsizing our twin axle Pageant Loire 6 berth. The Oklahoma is a
very rare and saught after caravan - there arent many about and
they were made only in the series 4 & series 5 Senator ranges
- as they were replaced in the current Series 6 line up with
the Indiana model. The caravan has a fixed bed like our last van at
the rear with a small washroom beside it. A large washroom with microwave
in front of it, and a large kitchen beside it. The front dinette is what makes
the van unique, each side is six foot three inches long (6' 3")
which means that you can just make them up as two 6' 3" single beds -
there is only one other Single axle caravan like this - the Lunar Lexon
EB, which are also hard to find. The van is in great condition, and is a credit
to its previous owners. We looked into having a motor mover fitted to our last
van and decided as we were buying second-hand this time around to try and
purchase a van with a motor mover on. The van has a Truma SE motor
mover that electrically engages and it is a real boon!!
Just superb. We love our new van, and think its absaloutley
ideal for our family - a great buy indeed.

Modifications for the future? - possibly a few... we are currently
replacing a couple of interior parts to upgrade them to
match the ones we had in our previous van (items we liked)....
other than those well its perfect!!

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